The move that heals




Co-founded by Dr Raymond Branly and Thierry Vandorme, an osteopath in Paris, the Niromathe method is the revolutionary technique in the world of osteopathy and manual therapy.

A large number of osteopathic and neuro-cutaneous techniques aim to stimulate trigger points: the techniques of Dicke, Knap, Chapman, Goodheart, Vogler, Moneyron and others, and also acupuncture (Ah-Shi points). The Niromathe® method is unique: it associates traction of the skin while stimulating these points. It is much like Janet Travel’s techniques, which were combining xylocaine injections on these points with muscle traction. With Niromathe, no injections, but a cutaneous vibration created by the application of the correct gesture : the Niromathe move.

Everything happens at the level of the skin : while the osteopathic lesion is being formed, cutaneous and subcutaneous points are being ‘deprogrammed’.

This state can last for years. The reorganization of these points by short, quick, and polarized cutaneous vibrations leads consequently to the disappearance of the underlying neuro-spasms and osteopathic lesions.

For more information, read Dr Branly’s book on osteopathy :

Reasoned Osteopathy