I have always been stimulated by the desire to heal, to understand how the healers were bringing relief where the conventional medicine would fail. At the age of 15, I suffered from Scheuermann’s disease. I was cured by an osteopath in Paris.
I then undertook successful studies of Kinesitherapy at Dr. de Sambucy’s school and then studied Osteopathy at Andrew Taylor Still Academy. During my studies, I learned Etiopathy (GEPRO).
I graduated as a Heilpraktiker at Saarbrück (Germany) and I am certified in Sympathicotherapy and Auriculotherapy.
Then I went to Michel Lenglet’s School (Osteopathy Bio-Synthèse), which allowed me to learn about the human body in a holistic way.
In 1996, Dr. Raymond Branly taught me the method used by Sister Chabrit (who initiated Mr. Moneyron). At that time, I was also the pupil of Roger Joubert (disciple of Mr. Moneyron ) who introduced me to his technique.
Because of the amazing results obtained with this method, I completed my studies with Françoise Toulouze-Moneyron, daughter of Jean Moneyron and then with Jean Luc Safin who teaches his own interpretation of the method. Jean Luc Safin has been an associate of Jean Moneyron for 20 years.
I also had the opportunity to observe the work of bonesetters from Aisne and Somme.
It has been a long process and a lot of hard work. From the observation and the understanding of the « move that heals », Dr Raymond Branly and I developed the Niromathé Method.
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