I was first a brilliant medical student (the main reason for my promotions on several occasions, which brought me a laureateship of the medical college of Lille). In 1975, I started a practice as a general practitioner. Soon afterwards, I went into Osteopathy. I learned chiropractic with G. Lefebvre. In 1983, after 3 years of study, I received the ‘Osteoarticular Manipulation’ degree from the Medical Faculty of Rennes. This is where Dr Y. Lesage taught me the ‘biodecoding techniques’ and the ‘soft tissue’ techniques. Sometimes, the results were just spectacular; but unfortunately, not reproducible.
Nevertheless, this triggered my curiosity.

Along with these studies, I attended:

The GETM with L. Crumholz.
R. Richard’s school in Lyon.
The Sutherland College in St Ouen.
The Faculty of Medicine in Caen: for a degree in Manual Medicine and Osteopathy
G. Baker, osteopathic veterinarian introduced me to the Sutherland techniques.
G. Pointud taught me the technique of Sœur Chabrit. (Moneyron Method)
E. Renard explained his own technique to me.

Osteopathy was a revelation to me.
I have been practicing osteopathy since 1978. I practiced chiropractic for 8 years, the Jones’ technique and Weiselfish Giammatteo’s method for 8 years also; then finally, the Niromathé Method since 1994.


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