Louise Tremblay, classical homeopath and Bowen therapist, founded in 2003 « L’Académie Internationale des Méthodes Thérapeutiques Contemporaines »*. AIMTC is a shool where studying therapeutic methods is the main preoccupation. Methods where we still can find and talk to the founders, or close enough to talk to their first generation of pupils. Since then, she studied 6 years in osteopathy, to understand better what we do when touching the body, then finally found out about Niromathe.

The practice of Niromathe made a tremendous difference in her way to understand and approach the body. She changed her practice completely and made the Niromathe principles at the center of the analysis of the body.

Louise is very busy teaching internationally, in 3 languages. She teaches Niromathe and Bowen therapy in many countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, UK, and soon will start an Asiatic tour). She also teaches « Applied Physiology » courses for manual therapists, trying to find out what is the physiology behind manual therapeutic approaches, what are the differences between them, what is common to all of them.

She is the author of 2 books : « The Little Bowen Book« , self published in 2007, and « The Therapeutic Pause in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy » published in 2015 by Handsping Publishing. This book is currently being translated into Korean.

Louise Tremblay
Osteopath NON-DO
7701 Henri Julien
Montreal, QC, H2R 2B6
+1 514 510 1319

*AIMTC is a an institution certified by the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development in Canada. AIMTC provides Canadian students with T2202A tuition certificate.