Dr Raymond Branly

I was first a brilliant medical student (the main reason for my promotions on several occasions, which brought me a laureateship of the medical college of Lille). In 1975, I started a practice as a general practitioner. Soon afterwards, I went into Osteopathy. I learned chiropractic with G. Lefebvre. In 1983, after 3 years of…

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Thierry Vandorme DO

I have always been stimulated by the desire to heal, to understand how the healers were bringing relief where the conventional medicine would fail. At the age of 15, I suffered from Scheuermann’s disease. I was cured by an osteopath in Paris. I then undertook successful studies of Kinesitherapy at Dr. de Sambucy’s school and…

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Louise Tremblay

Louise Tremblay, classical homeopath and Bowen therapist, founded in 2003 « L’Académie Internationale des Méthodes Thérapeutiques Contemporaines »*. AIMTC is a shool where studying therapeutic methods is the main preoccupation. Methods where we still can find and talk to the founders, or close enough to talk to their first generation of pupils. Since then, she…

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